Common Problems with Tile Roofs

Tile roofs are an amazing finishing touch to almost any house and they tend to last for a very long time. Unfortunately, however, they can still experience damage, such as any other type of roof, which means that homeowners need to know who and when to call for professional help and repairs. Understanding the common problems that homeowners can face with tile roofs will ensure that they get help right away when there is a problem with their roof, which will reduce the likelihood of damage to the home.

Corrosion on the Flashings and Vents

When people think about problems with their tile roofs, this is not often an issue that they consider, but it can be a huge problem. Corrosion or rust that occurs on the flashings or vents of the roof can easily damage these areas of the roof. The end result is that water will be able to easily find its way around the corrosion and rusted areas and into the home.

Sliding or Cracked Tiles

One of the most obvious signs that a homeowner needs to call professional roof tilers in Sydney for help is when they have cracked or sliding tiles. When tiles slip out of position or crack, then they will expose the roof’s protective layer to UV rays. This can easily deteriorate the underlayment of the roof, often in as little as just a few months, depending on the type of material used. Once the underlayment has been deteriorated, then water can easily seep through this protective layer and cause damage inside the home.

Roof Edge Damage

Damage along the soffit or the edge of the roof is generally caused when water dams up behind the eave closure or the mortar along the edge of a roof. This generally occurs because of problems with improper drainage and the water being allowed to sit on this area of the house. When a roof is installed incorrectly, then this is a much more common problem and one that needs to be addressed right away. Sitting water can cause rot along the roof deck, the underlayment, and the supports of the roof, causing leaks, sagging, and even the possibility of complete roof failure.

Valley Failure

Exposure to the elements, using the wrong type of materials in the valley, and simply the passage of time can cause valley failure. Once this occurs, then the water that travels through the valley on the roof won’t leave the roof correctly. The water can sit in place, which can cause rot and sagging, and can even enter the home, causing leaks.

Tile roofs are gorgeous, but aren’t without their own set of problems. Working with a professional when there are issues with a tile roof is the best way to handle the problems and ensure that the roof not only looks great, but also offers protection for the house.

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