Things to Check And or, Repair Before You Sell Your Property

No one wants to lose out on a sale because a house inspection uncovered something that put the buyers off. A little forethought can save you from the heartache of witnessing a buyer walk away from your business. If you live in Nottingham then, prior to selling your house, consider fixing the following items.

Drainage and gutters

Water should flow away from the house’s foundation. It may be necessary to hire a professional to re-grade the g or remove concrete to solve the problem if water gathers at the foundation when it rains during the rainy season There may be an issue with water runoff or, ingress if rainwater is diverted into downspouts instead of draining away from the home.


Your house’s roofing system should be free of cracked or missing shingles, tiles, and ridge caps, as these components safeguard your property from water damage If you have a flat roof then look for flat roof repair in Nottingham in your search engine. They can replace any damaged areas as soon as possible. Another problem with the sealant is that it might get cracked or blister. Any damage to the underlayment, which is the layer beneath the roof shingles or tiles, should be repaired immediately If you see any internal water damage, call a professional.

The walls and ceilings

If you have holes in your drywall then they should be patched up, nail holes, any small dings and dents that have occurred over the years will need addressing with filler and paint or wallpaper.

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