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Tips to Eliminate Carpenter Ants from Your Premises

As soon as warm weather returns, you will notice the presence of various insects and pests around your household. However, one pest that you should be particularly careful about is carpenter ants. These tiny creatures will be engaged in remodelling your home in their own way, which may even create structural damage to your property.

As these tiny pests are real threat to our homes therefore in this article we would like to give you few tips to prevent the presence of any fourmis charpentière, which means carpenter ants in your premises.

These carpenter ants are little larger species of ants having a size around ¼” (worker) to ¾” (queen). These insects are very social and believe in teamwork. They create their colony in dead wood, trunk of trees or tree stumps. They can have more than one colony and if you are not careful enough then one of their colonies can also be inside your home. Unlike termites they don’t eat wood but build their home within wood. They will try to move to many other places in your home in search of food.

How to prevent these ants from affecting your premises

Now you have learnt the basic details about them and we shall provide few tips to prevent their presence in your home –

  • Make sure that dead or decaying wood, stumps or dead trees are removed from the surroundings
  • Treat the wooden items in the surroundings regularly
  • Keep the gutter in working condition and let its moisture not affect your building
  • Trees and bushes around your home must be regularly trimmed as usually these ants take shelter here and then access your home

  • If there are any cracks found in your foundation, windows or doors then it must be immediately sealed
  • If there are any damaged or wet wood found either within or outside your home, it must be either removed or replaced immediately to avoid any problem
  • Do not keep your food leftovers lying on the counter for a long time. You must immediately clean the area
  • If any of your pipeline is leaking inside the house or outside then it must be quickly fixed.

The moment you notice even a single carpenter ant moving in your home, you must seek help from a professional pest control service provider. Sooner you act against these carpenter ants, it is better for your property.