A Brief Guide to Fire Safety in Your Home

Most people in Plymouth love a good bit of home cooked food so, you might be surprised to learn that cooking is actually the biggest cause of household fires. But, is it the food itself, surely it can’t be? Clearly somebody has to be ‘in charge’ of the cooker so it can’t be the food’s fault!?

The statistics

When looking into the numbers behind fires and injuries in the home there are various sources that all tell a slightly different story, however, in general, they show that the biggest cause of injury, damage to property and death in the home are made up of people who were attempting to cook something and, it went wrong somewhere down the line.

Nearly half of all home related fires are cooking related and, nearly half of those incidents involve deaths, not only that, the incident is usually part of a situation whereby something could have been done differently to avoid the fire in the first place. Alternatively, a safety feature like a house sprinkler system from Plymouth could have been installed and, it would have saved lives.

What can be done?

Prevention is better than a cure, or so the saying goes and, therefore, if you value your safety and that of your family, then perhaps learning a bit more about the precautions that you could put in place would be a good idea. There are numerous online videos and even course that you can take, just take a look and absorb as much as you can.