All the Things You Should Know Before Moving to Idaho:

Idaho is a wonderful state; it is a great state. It’s has everything. Natural beauty, great museums, great standard of education and a very low crime rate. There is absolutely nothing bad about this state. Especially if you love the wilderness. You will love Idaho.

Idaho is famous for its potatoes:

The potatoes in Idaho are exported all over the United States and people love it. It is a part of almost every local dish. You will love Idaho if you love potatoes. Potatoes mean everything to us we incorporate into everything

But People are Not Couch Potatoes:

Couch potatoes are the term people in Idaho don’t know. People are really active and found out the door activities. River rafting, kayaking, boating, hiking, trekking and all other kinds of sports. They take full advantage of the wilderness available to them. If you love the wilderness and adventure sports you will fit in with the people of Idaho.

Hot Springs:

There is a lot of hot spring in Idaho, after doing all the heavy exercise in mountains you can relax in one of the many hot springs in the state. You will find them a little crowded in the summers. But there is plenty for everyone. If you love hot springs, start looking for Boise homes for sale.

Huckleberry is out Favorite:  

We love everything huckleberry, whether it is huckleberry flavor yogurt, ice-cream or jam we love it all. You will find it in every neighborhood, and area. It is deeply embedded in our local cuisine. If Huckleberry is your favorite you will you will love Idaho.

Idaho is a place blessed with great agriculture, you can always find home owned fresh vegetables and fruits. It is a great place to live in.

There is Hell Canyon in Idaho:

And now it is not a cursed canyon and you will not be considered an atheist after you do. It offers a myriad of outdoor activities. The best part is you can hike up to Heaven gate. Just on top of the canyon. You can visit heaven and hell in one day and who doesn’t want that.

Like I said we love outdoors we don’t sit around at our home whether it is summer or winter.

We love Fishing:

Fishing is also a very common activity here. Since there are a lot of lakes and rivers in Idaho you will find it to be a Fisherman’s paradise. If you like fishing you go fishing every weekend. Sometimes people catch very rare fishes.

Idaho is a great place to live in if you want to move in this state you should totally go for it.