How to Choose a Security Screen Door.

Screen doors are great for letting in the fresh air without the bugs, but standard screen doors are not very good protection against intruders. You would be better off getting yourself a security screen door, and then you can have your fresh air and peace of mind too. But not all security doors are equal. There are a few different features that you might like to have. Here are a few tips on deciding what kind of security screen door is right for you.

  • How Secure: The first thing you need to ask yourself is how much security you are looking for. Do you live in an area where break-ins are frequent? Or do you live in a house that has been targeted before? Do you want a screen door with one-way vision or a door that can hold up to burglars with power tools? All is available, but there will be an increase the cost.
  • Style: Is the appearance of the door important to you. Do you need the door to match the style of your home? Today you can find security screens in many different styles, and many models are designed to fit a wide range of house designs. But you might have to search a little longer. You can find many styles of security screen doors in Bunbury, through an internet search.
  • Material: Most security screen door frames are made from either steel or aluminium. The main difference being that aluminium is resistant to oxidation and is lighter. Screens can be made from different types of alloys, making them resistant to slashing and cutting by tools. Sometimes the screen is an aluminium sheet that makes the transparency directional, so that you can look out, but it is difficult for people to look in.
  • Hardware: When crooks go after your door, they often go after the hinges or the lock. A high-end security screen has its hinges designed to be internal and tough to access from outside. Another important feature is your lock, and you should try to get a good quality lock with a high-security rating.

Modern security screens act as a deterrent to house theft. Installing security screen doors is a sign that the homeowner has taken steps to increase security. Most thieves will move on until they find less protected targets. If you like your fresh air but are worried about crime, you should investigate the latest security screen doors. Then you can have fresh as well as peace of mind.