How to Choose an Automatic Sliding Door System

When purchasing an automatic sliding door system, you’ll want to choose one with safety in mind. Safety sensors can detect obstacles in the way of the door’s closing action, using light beam sensors, infrared safety sensors, or radar technology. Once an obstacle has been detected, resistance-sensing motors reverse the closing action. To keep the door from closing too quickly, an operator is placed above the sliding door to control it.


The TORMAX automatic sliding door system offers certified burglary protection and aesthetic benefits in one system. The Secure+Therm system is lightweight, thermally separated, and delivers energy efficiency while offering a secure fit. Its electromechanical multipoint locking mechanism also ensures that the doors will remain closed while being open. A TORMAX automatic sliding door system is available for indoor or outdoor applications. To find out more, read on.

The iMotion Drive Solution, developed by TORMAX, offers automatic limits that prevent excessive exchange of debris and outside air. Moreover, it helps cut heating and cooling costs. It also uses the latest safety sensors to ensure the safety of people and property. By integrating a TORMAX automatic sliding door system, you can get the best performance and value for your money. And best of all, you can add additional control options as per your requirement.


The GeWalt automatic sliding door system is a powerful solution for sliding door applications. This device has a powerful, silent operation and is built to withstand the rigors of everyday use. This door opening mechanism works on a DC motor that consumes very little power when in use. This allows for substantial savings in power consumption throughout the lifetime of the driver. GeWalt offers several models and features to suit the needs of all your sliding door requirements.

The DC Slide door is a high-performance door system that combines cutting-edge technology with cutting-edge engineering. Its sleek design and incredibly safe operation make it an ideal solution for a variety of applications, including high-traffic retail establishments, upscale professional buildings, and institutions. Its robustness means it can handle large volumes of people, regardless of the industry. This door system can be used in a wide range of settings and can be customized to fit the needs of any business.

DC Slide

The DC Slide automatic sliding door system is an excellent choice for high-traffic retail and office locations as well as upscale professional and institutional settings. This door system accommodates the needs of patrons from all sectors, from the pharmaceutical industry to a distribution warehouse. Its smooth operation and stylish lines provide maximum safety and convenience for your establishment. With the DC Slide, you can expect years of trouble-free service. Read on to discover why DC Slide is the preferred choice for high-traffic applications.

The DC Slide automatic sliding door system uses a combinational logic circuit to determine the state of the door. A mono-stable multivibrator creates a time constant that controls door movement. This device also includes two monostable stages – one for opening and one for closing. The driver stage includes a switching transistor that controls the DC motor. The two switching transistors in the driver stage allow alternate switching and dual-direction movement.


An automatic sliding door system works by using motion-detecting sensors or optical beams to open and close doors. These sensors are installed over the door or built into the framing. This type of door opener is perfect for home office or commercial settings, because it’s accessible to people with physical limitations. A sliding door that operates by its own weight is easier to manage, too. This mechanical system also allows users to control it remotely, which makes it a great choice for any home.

There are many benefits to installing an automatic sliding door. These doors provide two-way traffic and are equipped with a breakaway mechanism in case of an emergency. They are available in different configurations, and it’s important to make sure there’s enough room to slide them without getting jammed. Moreover, you should install appropriate sensors and control mats, as well as place safety signages. These devices are also very simple to install and maintain.


Designed to fit into the façades of both high-rise buildings and low-rise dwellings, the Slimdrive automatic sliding door system is available in different heights. The system’s compact size allows for easy integration into glass facades. It features a durable and smooth DC drive and self-cleaning roller carriages. It can also be fitted with optional extra-heavy or extra-wide panels. The system has a number of features that make it ideal for use in both high-rise and low-rise buildings.

The Slimdrive SL automatic sliding door system is a high-performance drive for the SL series of sliding doors. It is a stylish, powerful system that fits beautifully into straight façades. It is capable of realizing large opening widths, while its 7 cm cover height ensures an unobtrusive installation that is highly efficient. Slimdrive SL systems are also compatible with GEZE SecuLogic access control systems and building technology facility management systems.

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