Quickest Ways To Get Rid Of Rats

This is a common problem that many homeowners face. Rats are known to be carriers of diseases, which can pose significant health risks if they become infested in the home.

However, if you have recently discovered signs of rats inside your living space, there are quick and effective ways to get rid of them humanely within 24 hours or less. We will discuss them here to help you take immediate action!

Rat Removal Tips

  • Bait traps are one of the most popular methods on how to get rid of rats. However, you must be careful in selecting the bait as it should not contain any poison that may harm children or pets. Instead, place rat baits just enough where they can reach them but still out of their range.
  • Another effective way to eliminate these pesky creatures is by using snap traps strategically placed near rat droppings and other areas known for their activity.
  • If there are still some rats that remain, hire a professional Danvers, MA pest control They’ll know the most effective way on how to get rid of them for good.
  • Seal all entry points to prevent any future infestations. This will give you peace of mind knowing that they won’t be returning anytime soon.

 You can also learn about what do rats hate and then use those things to get rid of these animals. Here are a few things that can help you avoid rats from entering your home.

Rats can’t stand:

  • Strong Smells – The smell of peppermint, cedar, and lavender repel rats. Sprinkle these spices around the yard to keep them away! Peppermint oil also works great in a spray bottle too. Try this recipe for an easy homemade rat repellent.
  • Water – Rats can’t swim or like getting wet, so make sure your home is sealed tight against all water leaks (i.e., plumbing pipes) since they love to nest inside walls where it is dark and moist conditions are ideal.
  • Light – Rats are nocturnal animals meaning they come out at night. Shine a bright light outside around your home to keep rats away because even the smallest amount of light will scare them off!
  • Rusty Metal – The smell and taste of rusted metal are extremely offensive to rodents, so try placing a bucket filled with used dryer sheets, steel wool, or crushed peppermint under your deck or shed overnight as an effective rodent repellent.


The bottom line is that you can’t wait around to resolve the rat infestation in your home. Rats are destructive and will ruin everything, so take action today with these tips and get rid of them!