How to Detect Bed Bug Infestation by the Means of Bed Bug Feces?

Bed bug infestation is really challenging to confirm. Sometimes the bed bug bites don’t leave any marks, but when they do, they leave away spider bites or skin rashes. But there is always a sure shot sign that confirms bed bug infestation is their feces. Bed bugs tend to survive by feeding on mammal blood. They drop feces when they have finished eating. You may want to get concerned about this because this might impact your health. This article emphasizes on what you should know about bed bug feces, even if you don’t want to know, for your health’s sake.

  1. Identifying the bed bug feces

This step can help you confirm a bed bug infestation in your space. These pests tend to leave their feces everywhere. Their poop is made up of digestive blood. When it dries, it leaves a dark rust color which seems black in lighting. Their poop like thin black streaks. To confirm it is a bed bug poop, dab it with a wet cloth or a paper towel. It will smudge away when you wipe, leaving a red mark when wet.

  1. Effect on your health

Recent studies claimed that there are many chemicals found in the bed bug feces. It has histamine which is their aggregation pheromone. This is released when the bed bugs are congregating. This is where you will smell a sweet coriander like odor from a heavily infested area. When people are exposed to histamine, they may start itching or face some asthma symptoms. After the bugs are gone, there are still the histamine levels in the households because of their poop.

  1. Fecal stains during bed bug treatment

Looking for bed bugs is an important step for treating the infestation issue. Firstly, the bed bugs help in confirming the infestation. As the droppings can only be found after their feeding, when you find one, know that you are close to finding one living bed bug. The essential part is you can focus on hiring  https://solutioncimex.com to find a solution for treatment. Now you will have to keep an eye out for new bed bug feces after the treatment. When you find one, means the bed bugs haven’t actually gone yet. Ensure to install interceptors on every bed legs and the encasements are properly closed around the mattress and box spring. When the bed is properly treated, there shouldn’t be any poop showing up.

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