Lamps to brighten up your day

There are several factors to consider when you are in the market to brighten up your home with a new lamp. Should you go classic or modern? Pendant or floor lamp? Check out these Louis Poulsen lamps for inspiration at; https://www.lampemesteren.com/louis-poulsen-brand/

Adding or changing a lamp is an easy and affordable way to transform your space. Different types of lamps have certain benefits, so when choosing one it all comes down to your needs and preferences.

To help you make a decision that you will be pleased with for many years to come, here is a list of pros and cons for you to consider when shopping for a lamp.

The fabulous floor lamp

There is a good reason why the floor lamp is often referred to as a secret weapon when it comes to interior design. This type of lamp is both versatile and practical. Place a floor lamp in a dark corner to add ambient light, or place one in a reading nook to contribute with necessary light, so you can enjoy your favourite novel without straining your eyes.

If you are the type of person who likes to redecorate your home every now and then, a floor lamp is easy to move to a new place in your home. Additionally, giving your floor lamp a new lamp shade is a great way to spice up and old lamp, this option is both cheap and eco-friendly as it saves you from having to invest in a whole new lamp.

Purposely placed pendant lights

Should you instead choose a pendent as your new lamp, you will have the trouble of mounting it in the ceiling, but once that hurdle is out of the way, you can have lots of fun experimenting with layering different pendants and lights. Depending on how you arrange the lights you can create different moods and effects that will add atmosphere to your space.

Lighting it right with a table lamp

Table lamps are great showpieces that are easy to introduce into your existing décor if you want to freshen things up. They don’t take up as much space as a floor lamp and you can skip the tedious task of having to mount it to the ceiling, like you would have to with a pendent. That is why, the table lamp is perfect to be a defining piece in the design of your home. Adding or changing a table lamp is easy, so it’s no trouble mixing it up in the future.

Hopefully these pros and cons, when it comes to different types of lamps, have helped you come closer to deciding on your next purchase.