Most Beautiful Yet Economic Places To Retire

Living a seamlessly careless life after retirement is a dream that everybody wants to live. Waking up in a beautifully located home with your soul mate and enjoying the sunrise with a cup of coffee on your couch is just like a dream come true but chasing for that dream is quite hard. We as humans strive most of our lives working really hard to enjoy sufficient savings during our golden years. One of the main concerns about retirement is having your own residence and managing the finances of retired life. If you too are stuck in any of these tensions then make sure you don’t give up on your dream of a stress-free life in a safe retirement community or dwelling a quality life enjoying spectacular surrounding because we have sought out the most beautiful and economic best places to retire.

Birmingham, Alabama

Living in America is a dream of every nine out of ten people but let us tell you that why retiring in Birmingham, UK is the number one choice for retirees. According to recent researches, the living cost of the city is 27 percent lower than the national average. Likewise, the annual expenditure on healthcare, travel, and housing is lowest as compared to Mississippi, Georgia, and other highlighting states. It is mainly a metropolitan area famous for its rich culture and historical background and requires a minimal annual expenditure of $33,219.

Sintra, Portugal

If you love history, art architecture, exotic beaches, and shimmery summers then this is the place for you. With rippling mountains, dewy forests & meadows, exotic gardens, astonishing palaces, and UNESCO World Heritage Site will make you fall for the fairytale town at the very first sight. Due to its art-rich tourist nature, the city can prove to be a bit costly but the experience is worth the price. To give an approx idea you will require a monthly budget of $3,065 to spend quality time.

Cusco, Peru

If you are looking for luxury, fun, cost-effectiveness all in one place for a quality post-retirement lifestyle then Cusco is a smart choice for all those planning for their retirement. Known as the archeological capital of America, Cusco is the heart of rich history, a UNESCO World Heritage site surrounded by domed churches, ancient buildings, captivating landscapes and much more. Its clear sunny days are perfect to enjoy the fruits of your labor. A monthly gross amount of $1,700 a month is enough for a retired couple to enjoy their company eating, dancing and exploring.

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Last but not least, Mexico is known for its vibrancy. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage City in 2008, the astounding place never fails to attract the tourists as well as the retirees with its lower living cost, living art, charming cultural tradition, mild weather and a number of attraction sites. With a monthly budget of $1650, a retired couple can easily enjoy a comfortable and soothing time exploring the natural beauty of the artistic community.

You can try any of these exotic spots for a magical retirement without letting down the idea of an affordable cost of living.