The Best and Most Effective Ways to Keep Glass Shower Doors Sparkly Clean

Having a shower enclosure is already a big boost to your bathroom’s cleanliness – with an enclosure, the water in the shower is enclosed, and there’s no risk of any of the water spilling or leaking out. Also, having shower doors made of glass is better than having shower curtains, because the curtains would have to be regularly replaced and washed, and, let’s face it – shower curtains are often harbingers for mildew and mould. But if you have a glass shower enclosure, you may be a bit worried about how to keep the glass doors clean and sparkly. Here’s a list of the best and most effective ways to keep the glass doors for your shower sparkly clean.

Wipe it every day

Granted, you may think that you don’t have time to wipe down your shower door every single time you take a shower, but you’d be surprised at how easy and simple it is. It literally takes just a minute or two. What you can do is make it a habit for everyone in the family – everyone who uses the shower would have to wipe it down after their shower. This goes a long way in keeping your doors clean and looking as good as new. To make the job easier, you can purchase a special shower squeegee rather than use a cloth.

Use a rubber

There’s another thing you can do to keep glass doors clean and sparkly. Have you ever heard of using a rubber? Yes, a rubber, otherwise known as an eraser. If your door and shower cabin or enclosure looks tired and worn out, you can give it a quick clean and get rid of mineral deposits and soap scum using a rubber. You can even use the rubber for your hardware and taps – you’d be amazed at how everything looks shiny and new with just a simple rub.

The magic of dryer sheets

Did you know that you can also use dryer sheets to give the glass doors of your shower an instant shine? Simply take a sheet, make it slightly damp, and scrub the doors with the damp dryer sheet. It works like magic simply because the same elements which can soften your clothes and fabrics work to soften scum and dirt as well, lifting them off straight away.

Good old glass cleaner

Of course, you can always make use of good old glass cleaner to keep shower doors spic and span and sparkly. Just mix the glass cleaner in a bottle with a spray spout – about 1/8 of a cup of glass cleaner will work with about 2 litres of water – and then spray the solution on the glass. Afterwards, just wipe it down with a piece of soft cloth.

Image attributed to Pixabay.com