Tips for Removing Homeless Encampments


The rate of homelessness in America is on the high side as over 500,000 people are without homes in the US. That is 0.2 percent of the entire population, though this might seem like a number not large but the fact remains that of 10,000 people in America, 17peoplearehomeless.This might seem relatively small, but for a nation as advanced as the US, one would think that the figure would be relatively lower Regardless of the figure, no one person should be without a home. Making this even more sad is the fact that roughly 2.4% of the aforementioned number of homeless people die every year, now that’s not a great number, is it?

Homelessness in America affects all ethnic backgrounds and it is not gender or age exclusive as it cuts across men, woman, children and even the elderly, but it is imperative to mention that different groups are affected by homelessness in different ways.

Cleaning up of homeless encampments

As much as homelessness is imminent in our society, it is also often unlawful and unfair to erect encampments in areas out of homeless shelters, or anywhere they are not supposed to be. However, it becomes rather tricky to get rid of these encampments without certain homeless encampment cleanup procedures. This is often best done by experienced and well-trained encampment removers. What should I do when I need a homeless encampment removed?

  • First you need to get as much details as you can, details about the street address that the encampment is located, if possible, you should get the number of camps amongst others and try not to accost or forcibly eject the camp on your own
  • Get creative about it if you can, liaise with the adequate authority within your locality to provide jobs or ways of earning money for any individuals who would be open to such ideas from the encampment
  • You can also point these homeless persons to shelter homes if any exists around the corner. By doing this, you are taking a humane approach to getting rid of an homeless encampment around you, because there’s a tendency that others follow suit.
  • It could also be reasonable to mount up signs or a signage that indicates that homeless people are not allowed in your area or a given location, this could serve as friendly reminders for homeless people looking for a place to camp
  • Finally, it is also imperative that you reach out do homeless encampment cleanup team to professionally remove incessant or deterring persons from the encampment


As aforementioned it is important so be cautious on the removal process of encampments. One has to be careful while attempting so remove homeless people staying in positions where they are not meant to be. It could be easier to evict or remove one homeless person or two, but it becomes very tricky to try to evict a full-blown encampment without proper and adequate support from professionals. For this reason, it is advisable that you always leave the removal of a full-blown encampment to professionals. This is a point that cannot be over emphasized.