Visit The Most Exciting Spots in Atlanta

Atlanta has everything, a tourist would want while visiting a busy city. It has history, beauty, parks, museums and what not. So here goes our list of things to do in Atlanta.

The World Largest Aquarium:

The Georgia Aquarium is the world largest in the world. It is home to more 500 species of seas animals from around the world. It is a sight worth seeing. As you move through the tunnels you feel like you are walking under water. Can you imagine seeing more than 65 habitats in one place well you can see it this aquarium? It has millions of gallons of fresh and marine water depending on the needs of each animal. You can not only see closed aquariums you can see open artificial rivers for other animals. This is something you don’t want to miss when you are with your family.

Centre for Puppetry Art:

Ever wondered how puppets evolved. Well, this place is perfect. It is known to entertain children and adults alike, the ancient form of puppetry is unique, entertaining and a place your children will not want to miss. Plus, it will give them the experience of good old-fashioned stage performance. They perform many famous stories in puppet style, plays specially designed for children and there is a puppet museum featuring the history of puppets. You can create your own puppet at a workshop, how is that? This is one happy place and a place everyone can enjoy.

Michael C. Carlos Museum: Art Lover’s Paradise:

Located in Emory University, this museum is an art lover’s paradise. It has a collection of ancient art and it is the largest collection of art in the south. One can find art pieces from Egypt, Rome, Greece, ancient American and from Africa. The art is nicely preserved, and you can marvel at over 16,000 pieces, ranging from art, objects, and sculptures.

Krog Street Market: The Ultimate Dining Spot

Built in the 1920s, this street was created for this very purpose. A food street where you can enjoy cuisines that are local and from around the world. It is a busy spot as you move from narrow alleyways. The food is amazing both locals and tourist dine here it is a local hangout spot for the young crowd. Not only there is food, but there is also live music, vibrant shops that depict the beauty of street culture, here in Atlanta.

Go on a Ghost Spree: Decatur Ghost Tour

Isn’t this a dream come true? To visit famous for its ghosts. This tour takes you through the old district of the Decatur, as it is known to be haunted. Shops, restaurant, and roads that are famous for having ghostly spirits and then visiting the most haunted houses in the city which are very spooky, but this spooky journey is a journey worth taking. Take this tour at night as it ends with the visit to the cemetery that is very old, the tour last two hours and this two-hour walk you will always remember.