What is Modwood and What is it Used for?

The title does suggest ‘modern wood’, which in a way, is exactly what this Australian made composite is. Made from recycled materials, namely recycled plastic and timber, Modwood is ideal for decking, as it offers the look of real timber combined with the low cost of a composite, which happens to be maintenance free.

Wide Range of Timber Finishes
Modwood comes in a wide range of finishes, which include:

  • Black Bean (smooth or brushed)
  • Jarrah (smooth or brushed)
  • Silver Gum (smooth or brushed)
  • Sahara (smooth or brushed)

One side of the board is smooth while the other side is brushed, giving you the choice of finishes. It should be noted that there is a slight lightening of colour that occurs within the first month after installation, although this is minimal.

Popular for Decking
Thanks to its amazing durability, Modwood is a very popular choice for exterior decking, as it gives you the look and feel of timber, with the no-maintenance of a composite; fire resistant and able to withstand the harsh Australian summer. If you would like to find a supplier, a Google search will reveal the whereabouts of an established Modwood supplier and you can take a look at the product in a real-life setting.

Board Sizes
As you would expect, decking materials come in a range of sizes;

  • Mini-board – 68x17mm.
  • Decking 88x17mm.
  • Wide decking 137x23mm.
  • Flame resistant 137x23mm.
  • Marine grade 137x23mm.

The products cuts much like timber and is very easy to work with, using special concealed fasters (fixing kits available from supplier). Modwood in Brisbane is heavier and more flexible than timber and with fire resistance, it is ideal for bushfire zones.

Fitting Modwood is simple if you follow the detailed manufacturer’s instructions; indeed, they have a PDF file that you can download and it has all the fixing instructions and important information. You can use a nail gun (with dome head nails) or you can drive in the nails manually, while the maximum joist-to-joist distance is 450mm and the board should be at least 300mm from the ground. It is best to pre-drill nail holes, as this eliminates the risk of splitting.

General Tips

  • Take note of joint butting measurements.
  • On sheltered environments, lay the boards brushed side up.
  • Boards are not structural and should not have excessive load.
  • Pre-drill before fitting fasteners within 15mm of board edge.
  • Use fixers approved by the Building Codes of Australia.

As the product is made from recycled plastic and wood, Modwood is eco-friendly and from the homeowner’s perspective, this composite material ticks all the boxes when it comes to decking.