“Your Ultimate Guide for Bay Village”

Does not matter whether you are a Bay Village national or foreigner, we have tons of things for you to explore in this city. So, are you ready? Let’s do this.
Bay Village is situated in the western Cleveland, Cuyahoga Country, Ohio, US. This village has served a lot of nations such as the Europeans, Americans, and Erie Indians in the past years. This city will give you an unforgettable experience through various activities. If you are planning to reside in this place then here is the information you need to read, basically there are multiple homes for sale in Bay Village OH that needs your attention.

Beach Please

Have you ever been to a cruise? No? Then the Nautica Queen Cruise Ship will give you the best of the cruise experience. You can enjoy the lavish dinner while watching the historic bridges along with the riverfronts. Unlimited options are present for all the customers in terms of food, tea, coffee, dessert and never-ending musical nights.

Lake Erie Nature and Science Centre:

This place offers the best events such as the live exhibition of a wide range of animals along with a first-class planetarium with public shows. Thanks to the fascinating center for keeping all kinds of animal creatures’ collection. You can have the best wildlife experience here at this center. In addition to this, you don’t have to pay anything; the entrance is free of cost for everyone. In case your children cannot remember the names of animals then you can take them to this center, as it will help them learn the names quickly.

Fun activities For Families and Kids:

Kids Play Indoor Fun has been created for the aim of attracting the kids 0-6. Due to the soft carpet used in this play area, no children get hurt whether they are climbing the wall, riding on roller coaster etc. A coffee area has been made for parents to relax and check the children from outside the play area. Swings and things family fun center offers a lot of things, such as the wine bar for adults, Go karts for everyone, miniature golf, gaming area, cricket, bowling area, paintball etc.

Greater Cleveland Aquarium

This aquarium comprises of more than 1300 sea animals that include 250 species from all around the world, you can see sea dragons, giant octopus and many other kinds of marine creatures in this aquarium.  Though they have created a huge area for capturing pictures, we would recommend you to avoid phones and spend your time on watching the extraordinary kinds of animals do a lot of different things you never saw before in life. Almost 5000 creatures are present in this aquarium for all people.

International Women’s Air and Space Museum

If you did not know about the amazing and unusual achievements of women in the field of space then you must visit this place, this museum shares the necessary information and contribution of women in areas of aviation and aerospace.