3 Landscaping Tips from the Pros

So, you’ve finally got it together and bought your first house, which is a milestone on everyone’s life and your thoughts will no doubt turn to the back garden, which is currently ploughed land. Starting from scratch is the landscaper’s preferred entry when designing a garden in Ilkley; much like a clean sheet of paper, the expert can design the space according to the client’s concept.

Here are a few tips from the best landscapers in the UK.

  1. It’s all in the ground preparation – The lawn should be rotovated to at least 6-inch depth and all stones, rocks, roots and other debris removes by a series of rake-overs. If the contours are shaped, this can be done with a spade and a rake and finally fluffing up the soil ready for the turf.
  2. Materials & tools – Make sure you have everything you need onsite before you start and arrange for an empty skip to be dropped off (you will need it). Scaffold boards should be used when laying turf, working over what you’ve already laid and a wheelbarrow is a must.
  3. To-scale plan – Prior to doing anything, a plan should be drawn up to scale, which gives you a clear picture of how the garden will look. Your terrace should occupy one third of the total area, while grass should be another one third, with borders and features taking up the last third. This is a standard design template that works and being creative is encouraged.

There are many YouTube videos on landscaping to give you some ideas and with a decent budget and some hard graft, your new garden awaits!