Buying a New House? 6 Things to Do Before You Choose Your New Home

Have you been dreaming of buying your dream house? It’s easy to get carried away with emotion as you begin the search for your perfect home. But this is a big investment – so you should evaluate the pros and cons of each option carefully before deciding the best option when buying your home.

There are many aspects to take into account to make a decision that will impact your quality of life in the coming years, so to make it easier, here are the main points to consider.

The location of the house

Choose the area and the environment where you want to buy with care. A nice house in a place that does not fit your needs or preferences can become a nightmare. There are many aspects to consider, not just the house itself but its environment. Once considered, you can always reevaluate your options. Here are some things to consider:

  1. Communications in the area and access: check out both public and private transport (good roads, traffic flow, the existence or not of different public transport and its frequency). Try to time travelling during peak hours (to work, school entry and exit times) the time it takes to reach the places you usually go.
  2. Public services and community facilities: this encompasses health, educational, and cultural services; and proximity of shops, restaurants and various leisure centres, playgrounds, garden areas or pedestrian streets. If what you are looking for is a quiet area without traffic, it might be uncomfortable if there is a large shopping centre, a nightclub, etc. located nearby that increases daytime or nighttime traffic.
  3. Level of pollution: this applies to air and water (industries in the area) along with noise pollution caused by the proximity of infrastructure (trains, airports, traffic) economic activities (certain activities such as markets, loading and unloading areas, schools, leisure facilities) and the use made of the surrounding public space (bars, squares, etc.).
  4. Neighbours: think about the type of neighbourhood or community that you want to live in. In bungalows or detached houses such as those being developed in Maydenhayes Mornington, it is easier not to suffer the consequences of the activities of neighbours.
  5. Safety of the environment: find out about any security issues. If it’s a new development, are there any security measures in place?
  6. Future plans for the area: find out about future urban planning. A house located today in a tranquil place that tomorrow will be completely different can turn into a nightmare. Inform yourself about the plans and urban development in the area. If it is a new development, it is especially important that you approach the local authorities to find out about any future plans that might affect the area where your home is located.