A Beautiful Renovation: Glass for your Entire Home

There are many parts of your home that can be beautiful with glass accents. Some areas can be done in glass completely. When it is time to do a renovation, contact a glass specialist to find out how different rooms in your home can be enhanced by the addition of glass. Your kitchen, bathroom, and even your backyard can look crisp and clean with the addition of glass. Glass fencing and shower walls offer the barrier you need with a minimalist look. Whatever room you are renovating, there is sure to be a place for some glass décor.

The Kitchen

A backsplash is often a beautiful and colourful addition to a kitchen area. When you would like to simplify the look, however, you can consider glass for the job. This allows you to have a neutral background to work with if you are not sure of your décor or theme yet. You can also paint the wall behind the glass to add some colour. A glass backsplash is also much easier to clean. You do not have to worry about the grout that is present on tile backsplashes that can become dingy over time. There are some great places to buy glass in Perth.

The Bathroom

The most popular place to add glass is often in the bathroom. A beautiful shower can make the entire bathroom look clean and neat. Shower doors often have a frame and tile walls. This is another situation where cleaning may get out of hand. Residue often builds up on the tiles in a shower. If one or two sides of the wall are free, consider having them done in full glass. When this glass is kept clean, it can create an illusion of nothing at all around the shower. This leaves room for other decorating options. It also allows for colourful tiles to be seen, instead of hidden by a shower door.


It is common for families with young children to place fencing around backyard pools. There are many dangers that came come from an open pool area. A fenced in pool can also help to keep wildlife out of the water. This is important for cleanliness. Most fences that surround the pool are wood or mesh, allowing for very little visibility of the glistening pool. Glass fencing makes it possible to sit elsewhere in your yard and still enjoy the view of your pool. It can barely be seen in the shining sun. Your pool remains the centrepiece of the yard, not your fence.

Glass can add elegance to many areas in your home. If you appreciate simple designs and a clean look, this option may be for you. Think about the many areas in your home that are too busy or hard to clean. Glass can replace tiles on kitchen walls, making it much easier to clean. This is a great idea if you cook a lot and tend to make messes in your kitchen. Your shower can be crystal clear with the help of glass, as well. There is no need for the traditional metal frame. Even the outdoors can be enhanced by glass fencing. Make a fresh, clean start with your next home renovation.