Create More Space in Your Home by Investing in Garden Storage

Suficient storage space is often at the top of people’s priority lists when considering ‘must-haves’ in a property. Too many belongings mixed with too little space can cause clutter, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and your house resembling a dumping ground.

If you live in a small house or simply one with a lack of appropriate places to store your belongings, there’s not much you can do other than find a practical way to create more space. With the summer on its way, now’s the perfect time to consider branching outside your 4 walls and into the garden. Below you will find our top pick of solutions for garden storage to help get you started on your journey from clutter to clear:

Garden Sheds

Unsurprisingly the most obvious and traditional outdoor storage unit, a garden shed can always be relied on to provide a simple yet sturdy construction to protect your larger goods whatever the weather.

Available in a vast range of materials and sizes, there’s one to suit every shape and style of outdoor space. You can even paint it in a colour of choice to help it further fit in with your existing garden decor.

Storage Boxes

Storage boxes may be smaller and more inexpensive than garden sheds, but that doesn’t mean they’re inferior in terms of quality. Some even argue that they are the better choice as many are not only lockable, but also come with wheels and handles for portability, meaning they can be easily moved around if necessary. Their cute and compact fit is particularly great for storing goods that need to be kept in dry conditions during the winter months, such as furniture cushions, to ensure that dampness and mould is kept at bay.

Bike Stores

Are you an avid cyclist with multiple bikes, or do you have kids who have collected trikes, scooters and other ride-on toys over the years? If so, you’ll know how quickly they can pile up, especially if you have little to no storage. More often than not, they get dumped in the hallway and become a frustrating

eye-sore every time you come home. Investing in a bike store will not only free up space in the communal areas of your home but also keep the dirt and mud where it belongs: outside.

Log Stores

If you’re lucky enough to have a traditional log-fuelled fireplace in your home, you’ll know how much of a luxury it really is. Many of us lazily keep logs indoors for quick and easy access to intense heat, but this can cause insect-related issues because the logs often provide harborage for wood-boring pests. So, what’s the solution? Keep your firewood outdoors in a safe, protected and ventilated log store, at least 20 feet from your property. Not only will this keep the logs in tip top condition for burning, but also give you back valuable storage space in your home.

Feeling inspired to invest in a garden storage unit? Utilising the space in your garden as an extension of your home will allow you to increase your overall storage capacity and free up more space indoors for what a home is made for: living!

A landscape is an asset. Beyond the immediate aesthetic appeal, Complete land scape solutions amplify the monetary value of properties. Homeowners and business proprietors alike can relish in the knowledge that their investment in landscape design is both emotionally and financially rewarding.