How To Properly Use Osmo Oil When It Comes To Your Wooden Flooring.

If you have put wooden floors throughout your property then you are to be congratulated for this excellent floor choice because it is a very wise investment and will last you for many years to come. The wooden floor generally takes care of itself but after a time it starts to lose its natural look and it’s not as beautiful as it once was. The good news is that you can get it back to its original look and feel by adding essential Osmo oil and this is made up of both oils and waxes that work together to provide an incredibly durable and hard wearing wooden floor.

Now that you have the right kind of product for the job, you will want to know how you can apply it properly so that it provides you with the best solution possible. There are a number of different kinds of Osmo floor products that you will need and these include the right kind of brush, something to stir the product, a tray in which to pour it into and some cleaning products when you’re finished. The following are other ways to properly use this fantastic product.

  • Provide good ventilation – This is incredibly important and make sure that this is in place before you start to remove the previous finish that may have been added before. It makes perfect sense to invest in the right kind of Osmo stripping product, which will remove any varnishes or waxes that were there before.
  • Start painting – Once a surface has been cleaned, it’s time to start painting the oil onto your floor and make sure that it is brushed evenly with the wood grain. Once that is completed, you can then start to call the floor and make sure that you start away from the door and work your way back. Leave it to dry for about nine hours and then apply the second coat when ready.
  • Ongoing maintenance – Always try to keep your floor clean after this point and make sure that you use a clean mop and be sure to use one of the many kinds of Osmo cleaners. If you feel the floor needs any repairs after this point then you can also apply another thing called Osmo oil.

If you follow the above three pieces of advice then there’s no reason why your floor shouldn’t look amazing at all times and it really will add value to your whole property.