Home Improvements – DIY Vs Professional

If you have recently become a homeowner, improvements will always be on your mind and the question of DIY will be on the table at some time or another. The rising cost of living means high labour costs and while you can manage some projects, there will be times when you have to call in a tradesman. In this short article, we look at DIY and professional solutions to help you make an informed decision.

DIY home improvements

If you have the time and the inclination, there are many projects you could undertake, from building a bathroom cabinet to knocking out some brickwork and installing sliding patio doors, with online solutions for materials and tools, you can save money with DIY. There is a lot of satisfaction when you build fitted wardrobes in the master bedroom with cornice mouldings (known as ติดบัวฝ้า in Thai) and everyone loves it! Installing hardwood flooring fills you with a sense of pride, which you’ll feel every time you walk from room to room and the more projects you do, the better your DIY skills.

Pro installation

When you ask a local small builder for a quote, you know the end result is going to be stunning, and if you have the budget for it, calling in a kitchen renovation specialist is the way to go. A warranty is another benefit of professional solutions; any contractor would issue a fair warranty on both materials and labour, so you have peace of mind. There are many small businesses in this sector; ask several to quote for the project and consider their design and general approach when choosing.

DIY skills

You probably know that you could build a house from scratch with zero building experience, with the help of YouTube content. From digging out footings to installing roof guttering, it’s all there! As you complete projects, your knowledge and self-confidence grow and you take on harder projects while building up an impressive tool kit, without which you couldn’t do the work.


You can use a search engine to find a local builder supply store, where they have everything you need and an extensive range of tools and equipment, all at trade prices. There are online suppliers of decorative mouldings, architrave and skirting, with free delivery and you can’t beat that.

Whether DIY or otherwise, improving your home is a great long-term investment and with online solutions, you can plan and implement each project, all the while building your DIY skills.