Why licensed professionals are required to remove asbestos

Becoming a new owner of a property is an exciting time in anyone’s life. It provides a great opportunity to lay down roots and put plans into place. Whether it’s for business, or a domestic home, there are so many things to consider and budget for, not least ensuring that it is fit and habitable so that everyone feels safe and comfortable.

While to many that means thinking about furnishings and decorations, or even getting stuck in with some DIY to get it into ship shape condition, there is a factor that needs to be taken extremely seriously, especially if the building was constructed before 1990. It needs an inspection from experts as there is a strong possibility that asbestos removal is required.

A third of all Australian homes will have asbestos inside, particularly those in place before that date. Fortunately, there are professional teams, including ones with years of experience in dealing with the problem that are based in NSW that are ready and willing to get stuck in and safely carry out any removals to remove all future danger.

It’s important that anyone who takes possession of a building has an inspection as the owner has a duty under common law and public health laws to take reasonable care not to cause harm to another person. Dealing with asbestos is the responsibility of the homeowner so that nobody can become ill with diseases that threaten lives. It’s why the Australian government stopped the mining of the material in 1983 before banning it completely in December 2003.

Obviously, it is important that the work is done safely, which is why the law decrees that only companies with a license are allowed to carry it out. The safety of employees and all those around is paramount, which is why knowledge and professionalism are required. Finding a team that has been in operation for over 20 years will deliver peace of mind for all those involved. Anyone needing an inspection and removal of asbestos should check out reviews and ensure that the company that they use is communicative and explain how they will go about the job.

Because neighbours can also be affected by any demolition or removals, it is important to consider them as well, which is why it’s good to be in the hands of those who believe in making a positive environmental impact. Any substance is disposed of safely and legally reducing the damage it can do if the actions are not preplanned. Some asbestos can disintegrate and stay in the atmosphere, which is why the best safety equipment and clothing are used by experts.

The disposal sees the material being taken to licensed waste collection locations, as it’s illegal to put it in ordinary rubbish bins. Professionals work alongside local authorities to continually update their procedures so that any safety and environmental issues can be dealt with.

All property owners require asbestos testing and then removals carried out by licensed professionals for a safe solution to avert future danger.